iSpy Drawings

Would you like these cards translated into your language?  Download the following translation template, supply the translated words, email it to us, and we will upload the new cards within a week.


Each set includes all of the following:
Enrichment of Vocabulary Picture Cards
1 set of Mute cards
Reading Classification Cards
1 set of Mute Cards, 1 set of Labels and 1 set of Control Cards

Number of Cards: 
Image Shape: 
Media Type: 
apple, banana, bath mat, beans, bell, boat, brush, bus, capsicum, car, carrot, celery, cement mixer, cherries, corn, cucumber, cup and saucer, cupcake, dandelion, digger, drill, fence, fire engine, flowerpot, fountain, glass, grapes, hammer, helicopter, hoe, hose, jam, jelly, lawn mower, lemon, lettuce, mirror, nail, onion, orange, peach, pear, peas, pencil, pineapple, plane, pliers, plums, potato, power shovel, present, racing car, radish, rainbow, rake, refrigerator, ribbon, rocket, ruler, salt and pepper, saw, scale, screw, seeds, soap, spade, sprinkler, screwdriver, stars, strawberry, television, tissues, tomato, toolbox, towel and washcloth, train, trowel, truck, tulip, wagon, watering can, watermelon, wheelbarrow, wood, workbench, wrench, xylophone