In the Children's House we present classified collections of pictures dealing various aspects of social life.  Most of the classified cards are generic at first.  They show everyday contemporary things children are familiar with, for instance; the city, the station, transportation, the farm, buildings, furniture, food and so on. Classified cards should have only one object pictured and this should be as clear as possible with minimal background

Each set includes all of the following:
Enrichment of Vocabulary Picture Cards
1 set of Mute cards
Reading Classification Cards
1 set of Mute Cards, 1 set of Labels and 1 set of Control Cards

"This type of instruction has had to be expanded considerably beyond the limits fixed at the beginning. The surprising result has been that the children like to make and recall the classifications. This confirms the suspicion that it is natural to group words together and that words should be ordered in the mind according to their meaning. … This experiment has gone far beyond our expectations, and today children learn, using language as their guide, a great deal of exact knowledge about biology, geography, and astronomy. And this knowledge is like seed sown in a fertile field. In the mind of a child the seed grows naturally thanks to the promptings of nature which invite a child to acquire a knowledge of the world." (Maria Montessori, 'The Discovery of the Child', page 262)