A Science of Peace
Annette Haines

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AMI's 2017 Treasure Article celebrates the Montessori knowledge of Annette Haines

With the sudden death of AMI trainer Annette Haines, we not only reflected on our many fond memories of her great personality, we also realised that we will greatly miss the profound knowledge and insights she so readily shared - always coloured by her humour and her pragmatism.

Her position as Head of the Training Group (2003-2008) and the last nine years as Head of the Scientific Pedagogy Group were natural choices for our organisation.

Annette was also a very articulate and clear Montessori author. Her writings always had much to offer—her knowledge presented in accessible and straightforward language.

Annette merits that we honour the full breadth of her authorship, and the AMI community deserves the opportunity to access an anthology of Annette's best arties. AMI, in close collaboration with NAMTA, who also often published her writings, will be creating an AMI journal dedicated to her work. We hope to be bringing out this special AMI Journal later this year. Our 2017 Treasure Article is Annette's article on "The Science of Peace", a lecture she delivered during the Montessori Centenary Year (2007) on several occasions.

There is no better way to celebrate Annette's intellect than on International Peace Day!