Statement of Support

During the COVID-19 pandemic we know that so many schools and educators are doing their utmost and remain dedicated to serving their children by finding alternative ways of connecting with the students and providing Montessori experiences in different ways and settings.  The Association Montessori Internationale commends these efforts and the work being done by Montessori communities around the world to find innovative solutions to continue to support the development of children in these challenging times.

We also fully appreciate that parents and carers are suddenly thrown into the role of a Montessori educator and that some have to juggle and keep many balls in the air at the same time. We are seeing that parents, carers, educators and schools are doing their very best to support children especially in dealing with new situations. People in both the home and in remote school environments are working harder than ever before, and perhaps both environments are also facing a loss of income and the issues associated with this.

These times are unprecedented. No one can know the outcome, certainly not if our societies could face a prolonged time of social isolation and lockdown as seems possible. On the positive side, Montessori children are indeed fortunate to have their Montessori educational foundation and parents and carers who specifically opted for Montessori for their children. 

To assist during this time AMI has been preparing some initial resources and will continue to add to these over the coming weeks.  Mindful that many families will not have access to a printer, we are developing simple screen versions of some of the activities. 

All the materials on this website have been developed to AMI’s high-quality Montessori educational standards. Of course, we welcome feedback and suggestions on how to improve the materials once you have had a chance to try them out.  We are also working hard to have the materials translated into as many languages as possible.

Some guidelines have been prepared on how to use the materials in the home environment and others are materials that are used by Montessori schools and educators. Parents and carers can also be guided by the advice given by their local Montessori school and children’s educators on how best to use any materials and incorporate them into each child's ongoing educational programme.

During these very challenging times, we are heartened by the innate capacity of children to learn and the dedicated efforts of so many educators, parents and carers.  Keep well, keep safe and keep in touch.